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12.00 till 23.00, 7 days a week


For further details on bookings, contact Lukan Borg or Simon Gingell Littlejohn

Email: info@biancos.info
Telephone: +356 21 359 865 Delivery:+356 2138 3030

About Us

About Us

The Bianco’s Concept

There is really one simple formula for success: Pick a concept, idea or project – one that you feel strongly about and that you understand intimately. Then pour your whole self into it, unconditionally.

That is exactly what we have done with Bianco’s.
That is exactly why it works.
That is exactly why we have loyal patrons and loyal staff.

“Bianco”, meaning “White”, is what you get when you mix the appropriate intensities of the most vibrant of colours. In much the same way, Bianco’s brings together our years of experience in hotel and restaurant management, and our passion for great food, wine, atmosphere and service. Bianco’s is variety and balance under all aspects.

What you should expect

The “something for everyone” idea is a concept that has been used and abused for decades as an excuse for mediocrity, sloppy service, unattractive backdrops and poor food. At Bianco’s, we are proud to have made this concept work as it should. We have created a place that brings together the very best off all aspects and catering for any occasion, be it a casual dinner, a family outing, a business lunch, a romantic evening, a chill out night with friends or a touch-and-go take-away meal.

Great Food and Wine

Our cuisine is colourful and refreshing in concept, bringing together the traditional and the innovative. What will it be today? Pizza, fresh pasta, platters, the very best Argentinian beef, mouth watering salads, grills? Anything that takes your fancy really. Originality and consistency are key here. Each dish is a surprise the first time and a welcome reoccurrence the second.

And since so many of our patrons feel the need to complete their dining experience with a delightful bottle of wine, we have created a wine list that reflects and complements both our menu and our patrons’ adventurous taste buds.

Delightful Atmosphere

Bianco’s can be a new experience with every visit. Open Monday to Sunday, midday till late, lunch and dinner offer completely different vibes. So do the different areas of our restaurant. Enjoy your meal in the main area, then retire to the sophisticated sofas in our stylish chill-out area for a bottle of wine from our extensive list. Or you may want to treat yourself and your friends to a special night out in our VIP area (10 persons max). And while you’re at it, why not give in to your inner child and indulge in a Bianco’s Sweet Platter consisting of crepes, nutella, mixed nuts and fresh fruit? Whatever your fancy, whatever your mood, we can make it work.

Exceptional Service

Great food and wine are the “easy” part. And all it takes to build a pretty place is money (albeit quite a bit of it). But earning the trust and loyalty of a good team is a feat few can boast. At Bianco’s, our team has grown into a strong, tight family driven by loyalty and a sense of belonging. It is the main thing that makes us stand out. Time and time again, the same persons will come to your table and attend to you with the same smile and warm-hearted amiability. They are proud of their work and we are proud of them. They make all the difference

Our Secret

The formula for our success is simple:
We have poured all of ourselves into the concept that is Bianco’s.
That is exactly why it works.


Take Away & Delivery

We bring our Mediterranean cuisine to you home or office! Download our Delivery menu and call us to order your delivery or your take-home away!

Weddings & Events

Complimenting our restaurant & wine bar, we also offer outside catering and bar services for your events - parties, weddings, corporate events.

Restaurant & Wine Lounge

Bianco’s is a family run Mediterranean Restaurant & Wine Lounge situated in St. Julian’s, Malta’s premier entertainment destination.