I Love Malta

I Love Malta

We’re situated in Spinola Bay, St Julian’s… right besides the sea.

St Julian’s is one of Malta’s leading entertainment and business centres and were are proud to offer our clientele a calm and relaxed lunch, dinner or drinks. We’re a popular venue for both locals and tourists 🙂

We love our Italian food but we always make sure to bring a local touch and flare to our menu and service because… we love Malta, and we’re sure you will too. There’s so much to do and explore and tonnes of ways to enjoy yourself and have fun in spite of its tiny size!

Boasting 7000 years of history dating back to Neolithic times, you’ll find some of the oldest still standing structures in the world with the myriad of temples and catacombs dotted around the island. Each colonial power that once controlled Malta left an indelible mark on the island. From Prehistory, through to the Romans, the Phoenicians, the Arabs, and Normans… to the Knights of St John, the French and finally, the British… Malta is indeed a history buff’s paradise. In fact the island has doubled for many historic places such as ancient Rome in Gladiator or Jerusalem in Murder on the Orient Express as well as fictional ones such as King’s Landing in Westeros and hosting a Dothraki wedding in Pentos amongst other Game of Thrones locations.

Besides the history there’s the natural beauty, the sun and the sea to enjoy as well as large number of cultural and religious events held throughout the year but especially during summer, where ever village holds its local feast and if a vibrant nightlife is what you’re after, then look no further than St Julian’s.

You can find great accommodation right here in St Julian’s as a number of hotels suiting all budgets are located here and you also find a great number of great apartments available on AirBnB.

For more information check out the official Malta tourism Board website: www.visitmalta.com or why not just look it up on wikipedia… So we cordially invite you to this stunning island in the middle of the Mediterranean and we hope to see you on your trip 🙂